Thursday, October 9, 2014

Thrifting Finds and Busy Hands

Hey ya'll, how are you?

I wanted to share some of the fabulous thrift store finds from this week. I traveled out to a Goodwill Outlet this past Tuesday and got some great bargains.

My favorite would have to be "Granpa George"

This is a large painting on canvas. I don't know who he is or even who the artist is, but he spoke to me. It's over 3 feet tall and 2 feet wide. Right now he's just sitting on my dining room floor, but eventually he'll go on the wall to watch over us. I hope we meet his approval.

I also found a quilt rack, 2 comforters, a gorgeous white cutwork duvet cover, clothes for the girls, a small food processor to help with making laundry soap, and a whole bunch of other cool things.

Can you tell that I live to thrift?

I finally got around to making my compost bin out of old pallets. I even got some things thrown in there to start composting. No pictures though. By the time I was done, I was much to tired to take pictures. Next on the agenda is getting the raised garden beds filled and planted. Hopefully this weekend.

I even came up with a cleaning plan for the cottage. It's not very clean here I'm ashamed to admit. With 9 people in our little home, it tends to be hard to keep up with. Something is always neglected.

My plan goes like this:

Monday- focus is on laundry and garage (since that's where the laundry area is)

Tuesday- errand day. Since we only have one car and Megan has to be picked up after school, my husband has to come home early. Therefore I can travel to work with him, use the car in the "big city" and come back in time for the kids to come home from school. This also means crockpot meals on Tuesdays.

Wednesday- Bathroom day. With 3 bathrooms, they need a focus day all to themselves.

Thursday-bedroom day. Mainly I will be focusing on the master bedroom but trying to get the kids to clean their own as well.

Friday- the main room which consists of an L shaped living area, dining area and kitchen. 

Saturday- outside areas. This is going to be a bit of a challenge. My husband is not much of a homebody. He enjoys going out shopping and such on weekends. Maybe I'll get some stuff done outside in the mornings while he is sleeping in. 

Sunday- family day. A day to enjoy each other's company and prepare for the week to come.

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